What to do here in Valcomino

Valcomino (or the Valle di Comino) is a river valley in the Ciociaria region that lies between Rome, Naples and the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise. This area with a distinctly rural character was ruled by dukes and presided over by Benedictine monasteries for many centuries, and many simple and genuine local traditions still survive in this ancient land.
It may not be as famous as Tuscany or Umbria, but it preserves all the characteristic qualities of an ancient land with a very long history, as well as the unaffected hospitality of the people who live there. To the north-east is the embrace of the mountains of the National Park and their woods of maple trees, where you can still hear the howl of a wolf or see the rare Apennine brown bear. The small towns and villages in the surrounding hills are all worth exploring, as each of them has its own distinctive character as well as a special soul to be discovered.
There are many fun and interesting activities for you to enjoy in the vicinity:
– Trekking and excursions (also on horseback) in the National Park and in the Natural Reserve of Posta Fibreno with its delightful lake.
– Visits to the shrines, monasteries and abbeys, old villages and castles of the Valcomino, as well as further afield in the region of Ciociaria.
– Skiing at the resort of Pescasseroli in the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise.
– Golfing, horse-riding, hang gliding and paragliding.
– Enjoying delicious local food products and exquisite wines.
We will be very glad to give our guests any more specific information they may require.
We also organize guided tours and excursions to explore the beautiful Valcomino valley.